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Coffeeshop Mobile Presets


The coffee shop is the heart of city living. Whether it’s your morning wakeup espresso shot or an afternoon catchup with friends, there are few people who don’t relish the warm atmosphere of the coffee shop. This makes it the ideal place for photos worth sharing, which is why we’ve created the Coffee Shop Lightroom Preset Collection.

We know coffee is more than just a drink. It’s an experience, it’s the conversations over a warm mug, the latte art that makes you hesitate before you sip. Most of all, coffee creates memories and helps us bond. That’s why we want to make you look your best for your coffee photos - to help you capture those memories in their best light.

With Lightroom Mobile presets such as Hazelnut Latte, Cortado, Hot Chocolate and others, we’ve captured that warm, cozy feeling in the hues of our presets. These are the ideal presets for those autumn and winter shots, making the most of the cold weather, rich colors  and winter wardrobe.

Using our preset collections, you can skip the time-consuming editing process. This ensures that you’ll be looking like a professional at just the click of a button.

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