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Hi!  And thank you for being here! Mobile Presets are fairly simple to install and use, but it takes a few minutes to learn how. Before you reach out to us with your questions, be sure to read through these short tips and questions to see if we have already answered your question. Thank you again for your support! We appreciate you!

 First up, if you wanna know how to install or use the presets, we show you how easy it is in this short video:

Here is a quick video walkthrough if you're installing these mobile presets on your iPhone


What is a preset?

Presets are pre-recorded steps to get a photo to look a certain way (and the same way, every time!). We use Adobe Lightroom to create and develop these mobile presets. They work with every photo, and are a great way to create a consistent look for your images/social media/brand.


Is this for my phone? Will it work on my computer?

All the presets on this website are mobile! We wanted to make sure everyone could use them quickly and easily from the comfort of their smartphone. It doesn't matter if you have an iPhone or Android... presets work on any phone or computer that has Adobe Lightroom. 


Do I have to have Lightroom on my phone?

Yes! These are created for Adobe Lightroom. It's by far the best and most widely used company for image editing (go Adobe!!). The good news is, Lightroom is FREE to download and use!

Link to Lightroom in the apple mobile app store:

Link to Lightroom in the Android app store:


Will this be a 1-click fix for my photo?

It depends! We applied these to a TON of photos when we were developing them, so odds are it will get you pretty close. However, we can't test for all lighting situations so you might need to tweak your images after you apply the presets. Don't worry, we show you how (see below)!


Is this a monthly charge? 

This is only a one-time charge! You get the presets for life!


What happens if I get a new phone?

We expect everyone to get a new phone at some point, so please know that you can easily (and legally) transfer these presets to your new phone for free! Just install them from your confirmation email (save that email!).


I ordered my presets but haven't received them. Did I miss something?

Two things are possible:
1) you entered the wrong email address. If you believe you did this, email us and we will look up your order and send it to the correct email:
2) it went to your spam folder - go have a look! 


I got my presets but I don't know how to install them. Can you help?

Absolutely! We included an installation guide with your purchase, and there is a video at the top of this page!


I have them installed now, but how do you apply them to a photo after I open my picture in Lightroom?

Yes - check out this video:

Can I share these presets?

No, unfortunately not. It's illegal to give your purchased presets to someone else. Please don't share, distribute, resell, or give these to anyone. We have an in-house attorney that doesn't like that sort of thing.


I'm an influencer interested in my own signature collection. Are you taking new clients?

Actually, YES! At this time we are in the process of selecting a few more influencers to collaborate with! If you're interested, please email, or shoot us a DM on our insta: @shoprosegoldflamingo


For email support:

Our mailing address is 350 Terry St. Longmont, CO 80504