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Home Interior Design + Real Estate Lightroom Presets Collection

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Home Interior Design + Real Estate Presets


  • 4 Lightroom Mobile Presets:
  • Airy
  • Bright + Soft
  • Marble White
  • Yellow Light Fix
  • Detailed installation instructions included (Video & PDF)

About Home Interior + Real Estate Mobile Presets

You can tell a lot about people from their home. Whether you’re trying to sell your house or simply impress on your socials, it’s essential that you make your home look as good as possible. That’s why we’ve created the Home Interior Lightroom Mobile Preset Collection - a curated set of bespoke presets, geared towards highlighting the best of your home.

Taking quality interior home pictures is harder than it looks! Mixed lighting causes editing nightmares, but guess what? We created a handful of presets that fix these for you! We love these home interior presets to make your space pop (and make YOU look great in the process)! If you're a realtor or love interior design, these presets are a MUST for your phone!

A mixture of artificial and outdoor lighting can make real estate photography a nightmare. We’ve created our presets to solve this problem, making your space look that bit more inviting. Whether it’s you in the photo, or simply a still life of your room, our presets make your image pop. Whether you’re a realtor, or simply enjoy interior design, you can’t go wrong with this collection.

With four presets: Airy, Bright + Soft, Marble White and Yellow Light Fix, we’ve created unique looks for all types of homes, regardless of your lighting.

Without professional-looking photos, potential buyers are more likely to move past your property, without giving it a second thought. Using our presets, created alongside professional photographers ensures you’re putting your home front and centre.

Using our preset collections, you can skip the time-consuming editing process. This ensures that your home looks professionally done, all at the click of a button.


 Professional Style Edits: an actual photographer developed these mobile presets.

 Easy to install and use with the free Lightroom Mobile App.

 Lifetime purchase protection; got a new phone, we got you covered!

 33000+ Happy Customers and counting!

 Fun. Spend less time editing and more time playing with these presets.

 Save time. Add complicated edits in seconds for a consistent, professional look. 

One time payment. This is not a subscription, just a one-time payment. Enjoy the presets for life!

Instant Download. Start to improve your photos right away. As soon as your order is processed, you'll receive a confirmation email with your download links!

Easy To Use
You'll receive a walkthrough video and a step-by-step PDF with instructions on how to install your new presets in the FREE Lightroom app. It only takes a couple of minutes, and after you do it once you'll be a pro!

Free Customer Support
Dale personally answers each and every customer support request. He is the owner and works directly with the influencers on their presets, and with you to get them installed.